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Virtual Reality

Maybe it’s the fact that I am really immersing myself, these days, in the Sci-fi genre that makes me write this blog post on virtual reality, I don’t know. Or maybe for once it’s really donning on me the ‘reality’ of virtual reality. Virtual Reality, simply put is a, simulated reality—in other words, a fake world.

Call me “The One”, but I have discovered that this world we live in is nothing but a simulated reality. Very much like the fiction tales we read in novels, this world isn’t real. Although, when you’ve lived long enough in it, you grow up thinking it is.

Truth is, we aren’t from earth. We aren’t even from this galaxy. If we were, Chapter 1 our story would have begun the second we were conceived in the womb of our mothers.

But it didn’t, did it? God said he knew us before we were formed—means we existed elsewhere before we were plugged in to the simulation that is earth.

The strange thing about this particular simulation is, the law of cause and effect. Contrary to how many think it works, I choose to believe that while the cause might take place in the Virtual world (earth), the effect might tarry until the day of awakening, when we find ourselves in the Real world (the after life). I didn’t choose to call the real world “heaven” ‘cause there is a “hell”. Every move we make and step we take in the virtual world shapes what reality we end up in.