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Download free novellas and short stories by your’s truly right on this page.

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EYES Coversmall

He’s never lost a case, Now he’s about to lose his life.
Ricky Platt wakes up to discover his wife, Vivian, and daughter, Nicky, have been killed. He is oblivious to the location of their bodies.
By reaching into the spirit realm, Ricky is able to identify any criminal, but that isn’t the case here. “Cutter”, the killer, shields himself in gross darkness. When dead bodies turn up with uncanny messages, Ricky knows it is the work of the same killer responsible for the death of his family. But something’s off: Ricky keeps having visions that don’t seem to tally with present occurrences.
Ricky must decipher these visions, and find the killer before the killer comes after his ultimate prize—Ricky.



Can the dead affect the living? Godwin finds out the answer to that question when he and his friends vandalize the skeletal remains of an unknown man. The unknown man wants his bones back, even the skull.

Malice Motor (MiCH OLORUNFEMi)

Who knew making a humble purchase on a used car could be so fatal? Daniel didn’t, his wife too. No one did.


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