The Same Difference

It seems to me that human beings were wired to be different. Everyone has their own strengths, and everyone has their own weaknesses. But here is where it gets interesting; in our differences, we find our identities. Perhaps this is why we struggle to be different. We fight hard, with each waking moment, to be something that sets us apart from others. Perhaps that’s why the term “Tom, Dick, and Harry” is never used to reference oneself. It’s a separation technique.

Our differences make us. Our differences define us.

We have a certain way we walk. We have a certain way we talk. The shy and timid among us exhibit these differences only when we are in a crowd. We simply cannot imagine existing without a difference; it’ll be tantamount to existing without an identity.

But here’s my question: if every single person is struggling to be different, wouldn’t that really mean that we are, in truth, doing the same thing?

While you are making up your mind that you’ll be identified by your casual dressing, someone out there is making up their mind that they’ll be known for their formal dressing, but ultimately, you both are making up your minds that you’ll be known for your dress sense, thus doing the same darn thing. We think we are being different, without knowing that we are conforming to the same image.

In our differences, we are the same.



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