The Traffic Light and the Toilet

I know, weird title. Someone’s looking at a screen now, reading this and going, “Mich’s gone nuts! What the heck does a traffic light have to do with a toilet?” I’ll get there. Lemme just take some time out to explain how I came about this title.

My dad and I were heading into town one slow and sleepy morning. Much to our surprise, the town was light, traffic scanty. We came to halt at this intersection, being given the red of the traffic light, only to discover that the green was on a stark naked side of the intersection. My dad made a statement, “Traffic lights,” he said, “they could stop a road packed with cars to pass one with none at all.”

So we got talking. So many decades after the traffic light was invented, it still operates in the exact manner – very much like your toilet. These are a coule of inventions that have refused to change.

Now after we got talking, I got thinking…what happens when we as people refuse change…as we normally do.

My answer: Much like the traffic light, we keep those around us on a spot unnecessarily (And oh the loo does a good job at that also). People need to wait for us to get things, to catch things, even to do things before they can move on.

What if the traffic light had a vehicle sensor-type thing inbuilt, and could sense when a road is bare so as to recalculate it’s processes? That’ll be cool.

I think the Operating System for many of us needs an update.

Many of us are getting old…and I don’t mean in age.



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