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My apology goes out to everyone who has been hounding me about the dusty and stale condition of my blog (they used more polite adjectives). The way creative work is, you just gotta withdraw once in a while. While I can promise that I’ll be posting more often, I can’t promise that a hiatus in the distant future isn’t inevitable.

So, we all know that life is the only story in which every character is a/the protagonist—at least in their own eyes. Everyone thinks life is about them, that life is their own story. So last weekend I began pondering this subject, and I realized that life isn’t just the only story in which every character is a protagonist, it is the only story entirely made up of supporting characters. A bit of a contradiction there, huh? Let me explain.

While we are all protagonists in our own eyes, we are all supporting characters in one another’s eyes. A simple concept.

Supporting Characters add flavor to a story (in this case, life) they themselves being fully developed characters. In our eyes, our family and friends are supporting characters in our movie. They spice things up by doing things you will never imagine to do, and seeing things in ways you never will. That’s what makes them interesting and memorable characters in our lives. Ever heard of the statement “opposites attract?” Exactly. It’s the reason a shy and quiet guy is almost always expected to go for a chatty, outspoken female counterpart et vice versa.

No story is ever good without supporting characters. No story exists without supporting characters.

But remember this: while you are out there, seeing everyone as supporting characters in your story, everyone is actually seeing you as a supporting character in theirs. We are equal. We are the same. We are all important…or unimportant, as the case may be.



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