Everything, it seems, excites kids. I could list a billion and one things we did as kids that “never got old.” Amongst all, there is this phenomenon we discovered. Read about it below:

I grew up in the northern parts of Nigeria. If there is anything to be noticed about the north, it’s the scorching and prickly heat. Heat so strong it feels like the rays of the sun are actually needles to the skin. On such days, demand for water goes up so as to curb dehydration (which always feels to be right around the corner.)

Now here’s the phenomenon. Whenever you see a bottle of water standing on the table and pick it up, you find it to be empty. But for a split second, it didn’t feel so. For a moment in time, the bottle actually feels heavy. It actually feels like there is water in it! For a very brief moment, your hand’s upward movement is challenged by the “weight” of the “water” in the bottle, and then suddenly, the bottle feels light, sending your hand way over your head.

So what am I saying?

Belief has the power to bring into existence, stuff that doesn’t naturally exist, and stuff that isn’t naturally possible. Belief is the acceptance by the mind that something is true—even if it currently isn’t. Belief has the power to make an empty bottle temporarily full. It has the power to make men walk on water. There is nothing, I believe, that belief can’t do. Unlike Newton, however, we didn’t explore why this apple fell on our heads. Perhaps if we did, we would have discovered the Law of Materialization, or something. How you can form substances by just believing in their existence.

So believe in yourself, and believe in your dream. Even if that dream doesn’t seem feasible now, belief can bring it into existence.



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