All in My Head

“Hi, Mich!” Mich said as he entered the room, closing the door behind him.

“Oh! Hi, Mich!” Mich responded as Mich ambled across the room, taking a seat at the far corner.

“How’s the story coming?” Mich asked, sinking into the chair.

“Great!” Mich quipped. “Bob just realized he’s been living in an alternate world!”


Yep! That’s how it often is in my head. Okay, it isn’t quite that vivid. But since I was little I can remember having conversations in my head. I dared not tell anyone, for multitudes might have considered me crazed. Heck, I told myself, and myself considered me weird.

I feel that most people do converse with themselves in their heads, they just don’t let us know. While some others might not have a well played out dialog going on in their head, some of us do.

This is a concept I never really understood about myself while growing up. Not until I started writing. A concept I once thought crazy suddenly became a powerful tool for bringing my characters to life on paper—be it physical or electronic. I find it easier to put down my characters’ thoughts, and also to construct dialog between them since I’m constantly chatting with myself.

Drop a comment. Do you ever chat with yourself?



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