One Small Step

Shocked by the news of the death of one of my childhood heroes, Neil Armstrong, I write this post in honor of his tremendous work to humanity. As a little kid, I don’t think there was any profession I didn’t consider going into, but on the top of my list at a point was being an astronaut. What can I say, every child dreams. Today, however, I’m freaked by the concept of airplanes, not to talk of space shuttles.

So how does Neil Armstrong, Man On the Moon, link with writing? Actually, I’m linking him with reading in my own small way. Neil Armstrong to me is the human representation of the word “Discovery.” 

“That’s one small step for man, and a giant leap for mankind.” Armstrong said, having taken his first steps on the moon.

Alright. Enough jabbering. What’s my point? Apart from a means of escape, I feel reading is also a means of discovery. One small step, for the reader, might be walking into a bookstore and picking up a book by their favorite author. But your giant leap comes when you leap into the pages of that book and discover a whole new world. Books have the capability to make you discover more about everything, even yourself. It unearths secrets you never knew about you, and about your world.


 Our job is to take you to the moon and back.




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