The World is Not Enough…


If I were asked what I thought my duty as a writer was, or why I write, I’d say: “The world is not enough, so I provide an alternate.” Among a myriad of other reasons, this sticks out.

Let’s face it. Why do we read? Most of us read to create a world of escape. We throw ourselves into a world conjured up by another human and momentarily forget about the world we were born in. We immerse in fables and tales, giving ourselves whole to the outcome of potent words. But we don’t even see words when we read, we see another world.

So here is the crux of it all; while you escape the real world and plunge into the alternate, you get acquainted with these characters and live your life with them, albeit for a very short time. By the time you’re done with the story and reawake in this world, you find that your experience in the alternate world helps you live a better life in this one. We need an alternate world. There we are free to make mistakes. That way we don’t mess up so bad in this world.

The world is not enough, so I provide an alternate…




MICH OLORUNFEMI is a unique author dwelling on the suspense genre. His stories give a nail-biting, jaw-tightening experience, sure to leave you with questions on your mind. Born in northern Nigeria, he lives in Abuja, Nigeria. View all posts by MiCH OLORUNFEMi

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