New Story on the Blog!

Yep! It’s been a while. Finally there’s another story on my blog. It’s called the Skull, and it’s available for download in the Free Books section.

The Skull is an eleven-page short story that took me upwards of six months to write…or conclude, rather. The story is divided into three sections. In a matter of weeks, I was able to finish the first two parts. The third part was the issue. Not until last month did the idea drop into my head from I don’t know where. So, really, I do not say I wrote this book. I’m not skilled enough to write that conclusion on my own. I was just the pen.

Click the “Free Books” button and download it now; the thought-provoking, life-changing, spine-chilling new short story from the Dungeon of MiCH OLORUNFEMi. The Skull.



MICH OLORUNFEMI is a unique author dwelling on the suspense genre. His stories give a nail-biting, jaw-tightening experience, sure to leave you with questions on your mind. Born in northern Nigeria, he lives in Abuja, Nigeria. View all posts by MiCH OLORUNFEMi

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